Privacy Policy

Trade Jobs NZ is committed to maintaining the privacy of all users of our site (referred to in this policy as the “Site”)

This policy has been created because we value our users and recognise our users right to keep personal information private.

This policy details for you our practices relating to the gathering and use of information, both personal and non-personal information.

Whenever we handle information, we take steps to ensure that appropriate standards of privacy practice and security are applied.

TJNZ collects Personal Information from Site visitors for the purposes of providing services to our users, and (as described below) for the purposes of better customising our services to you. Any Personal Information collected from you will be used by us in accordance with and as described in this policy.


In this policy the highlighted words listed below mean:

  • any reference to “TJNZ”, “we”, “us” and “our” includes a reference to TradeJobs NZ Limited and each of TJNZ’s related companies.

  • visitors”, “users” or “you”, are referred to generically as individuals or entities that visit the Site other than in a capacity as a Tradie Candidate or an Employer Advertiser.

  • Employer Advertiser” refers to individuals or entities that post job ads on our Site or use other products or services to source potential Tradie Candidates for job vacancies or to fulfil contracting roles.

  • Personal Information” has the meaning given to that term in the Privacy Act

  • Privacy Act” means the Privacy Act 2020;

  • Tradie Candidates” refers to users of the Site who upload and maintain on the Site a Tradie Profile;

  • “Tradie Profile” has the meaning given to that term in section 2 of this policy.

1. Collecting other information on TJNZ visitors

TJNZ collects non-personal information on Site visits by users including, without limitation, which sections of the Site are most frequently visited, how often, and for how long. This data is always used as aggregated, anonymous non-personal information, and may be shared with TJNZ third party service providers to provide them with information relating to how TJNZ visitors ‘use’ the Site. This is done for the purpose of providing you with the best and most efficient services over the Site via enabling us to monitor and report on the effectiveness of the Site to help us improve the Site.

a) IP addresses

TJNZ’s web servers gather your IP address to assist with the diagnosis of problems or support issues with our services, and to monitor the use of our Site, including the monitoring of the location of our users.

b) Cookies

TJNZ uses cookies and applets to provide users and Tradie Candidates a better browsing experience and tailor advertisements from TJNZ or Advertisers that appear on the Site to your browsing preferences and/or your Tradie Profile. These cookies and applets collect non-personal information.

TJNZ uses cookies and scripts in respect of Advertisers to assist TJNZ in improving Site performance, making business decisions, aiding in error reporting, aiding online payments, and testing new functionality. These cookies and scripts collect non-personal Information such as preferences and click activity for measurement and for features such as remembering your details for ‘Auto Login’ (provided you have chosen this option).

If you do not wish to have cookies active whilst you browse the Site you can “opt-out” by modifying the privacy options in your browser. However, doing so will prevent access to some areas of the Site and limit your use of some of the TJNZ services.

c) Third-party measurement

In order to better understand our users, TJNZ utilises third-party measurement companies, such as Google Analytics, to assess Site traffic. A tracking code is used to collect the following information on the usage of the Site:

  • The number of page views (or page impressions) that occur on the Site;

  • The number of unique visitors to the Site;

  • How long these unique visitors (on average) spend on the Site when they do visit; and

  • Common entry and exit points into the Site.

This aggregated, non-personal information is collated and provided to TJNZ to assist in analysing the usage of the Site. This data is also accessible by media organisations and research companies, for the purpose of conducting industry comparisons with other Internet websites.

Third-party marketing

We use a third-party provider, Hubspot, to deliver our marketing emails and manage certain sections of our Site. We gather statistics around email opening and clicks, Site visit data and form completions using industry standard techniques to help us monitor and improve our marketing documentation. For more information, please see Hubspot’s privacy policy.

Users can change your marketing preferences or unsubscribe to general mailings at any time by clicking the links at the bottom of our emails or by emailing us at

2. Collecting information on Tradie Candidates

For Tradie Candidates to subscribe to TJNZ’s services it will be necessary for you to register on the Site.

a) Registration

Registration allows you to establish a Tradie Profile to take advantage of the tools, services and resources that may assist you in finding a job. To register you will need to submit some Personal Information such as your name and email address as well as information you provide in respect to your Tradie Profile as per 2(d) below. You may access your information at any time by clicking ‘Profile’’ on ‘the Site’.

b) Other information TJNZ may collect

TJNZ may also collect and use information about your job exploring activities, characteristics and priorities by collecting and analysing data about how you use, or interact with the services offered on the Site (including, by way of example, usage patterns around how regularly you update your Tradie Profile or how often you submit job applications). TJNZ may use this information, including through automated processes applying algorithms, for the purposes set out in this policy, including without limitation to better tailor TJNZ’s offerings to your needs and to provide more targeted services to Employer Advertisers and to Tradie Candidates to allow more targeted job opportunities to be directed to Tradie Candidates.

c) Connect-Me

Connect-Me is an embedded email service feature available to Tradie Candidates. TJNZ requests that Tradie Candidates provide during the setup of their Tradie Profile their email address, and information relating to their job preferences so that TJNZ can notify them via Connect-Me of jobs available and jobs that may arise on the Site within their specified criteria for a job.

d) Tradie Profile

A Tradie Profile is established by you entering your work experience, education, and relevant trade qualifications, licenses, and certificates to your profile account established on the Site when you register as per 2(a) above. (Tradie Profile). You may also upload and store on the Site via your Tradie Profile any and all related documentation that you have that is relevant to any job application or your engagement as a contractor. You can edit your Tradie Profile at any time.

Employer Advertisers are able to review and download the Tradie Profile as well as other documents and information supplied by Tradie Candidates who have applied for a relevant job with a particular Employer Advertiser to find and contact such Tradie Candidates directly in respect of that job. To enable this process, we need your express consent for us to share such information including Personal Information which you have provided to us with third-party Employer Advertisers for the strict purpose of assessing your suitability for the job that you have applied for.

Tradie Candidates can modify their Tradie Profile at any time, or modify the privacy options in relation to their Tradie Profile at any time, by going to the Profile area of the Site.

To delete your Tradie Profile you will need to delete your entire account with TJNZ. TJNZ reserves the right to disable a Tradie Profile at its sole discretion (for example if information is found or believed to be untrue or being stored for improper purposes).

3. Collecting information on employer advertisers

TJNZ collects the company name, business address, and billing address of Employer Advertisers. It also collects the name, email address, and phone number of a primary contact. Employer Advertisers can change the company name or billing address by emailing and can change any other details by emailing TJNZ uses these details to manage your account, including sending Employer Advertisers applications of Tradie Candidates, contacting Employer Advertisers if there is an issue with their job ad and organising payment and invoicing of the account.

4. Communications to and from TJNZ

TJNZ may also provide you with selected information about job placement and career -and trades industry related topics in email communications from time to time. From time to time TJNZ may also contact you by telephone. You agree that TJNZ may contact you about products and services purchased or used by you, and to offer additional products and services. Users may ‘opt-out’ of receiving emails from TJNZ in the ‘Settings’ area of the Site, otherwise Users may opt out by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ in the footer of an email received.

When we speak to you over the phone we may record the calls for training, verification and quality assurance purposes. Any Personal Information collected on those calls is used in accordance with this policy.

5. Research

TJNZ may invite you to participate in market or other research from time to time. This includes research about our current or potential products and services, the overall trades employment market and/or specific segments of the trades employment market (“Research”). You may opt out of receiving Research invitations at any time.

6. Third party contractors and service providers

TJNZ may also disclose your Personal Information to TJNZ’s third party contractors and service providers from time to time but only for the purpose of assisting TJNZ and its third party contractors and service providers to provide and improve the products and services offered to Tradie Candidates , Employer Advertisers and other users of the Site including (but not limited to):

  • data enhancement and parsing to facilitate product functionality and service quality;

  • product development to respond to market changes and customer needs and requests;

  • development and improvement of algorithms servicing product functionality;

  • IT security measures for the benefit of protecting customer data;

  • data aggregation to support customer experiences, support services, and data analytics; and

  • ensuring the proper and more efficient working of the IT systems and services.

In all instances where Personal Information is disclosed with third party contractors and service providers these parties have been engaged by TJNZ on the basis that they fully comply with all relevant obligations relating to the use and disclosure of Personal Information that are outlined in the Privacy Act.

7. Storage & security of personal information

TJNZ takes all reasonable steps to ensure the security of our system and to protect your information from misuse, interference and loss as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. TJNZ allows you to access your information at any time to keep it accurate and up to date. Any information which we hold for you is stored on secure servers, either in Australia or overseas (including the United States of America), that are protected in controlled facilities.

In addition, our employees and the contractors who provide services related to our information systems are obliged to respect the confidentiality and privacy of any Personal Information held by TJNZ. Except in the case of breaches of our obligations under the Privacy Act to protect your Personal Information, TJNZ will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access of your Personal Information.

In the event of a data breach, TJNZ is committed to complying in all respects with any requirements of the Privacy Act or the GDPR. You can also play an important role in keeping your Personal Information secure, by maintaining the confidentiality of any if there is any unauthorised use of your account by any other Internet user, or any other breach of security relating to your account.password and accounts used on the Site. Please notify us immediately

8. Access to your information

Unless you become a Tradie Candidate or an Employer Advertiser, TJNZ does not collect information that identifies you personally. If you are a Tradie Candidate , you are able to change or update your Tradie Profile at any time by logging in to the ‘Profile’ area of the Site. In addition, any user is able to at any time request that TJNZ deletes any Personal Information held by us by accessing the Site, logging in to your account and accessing the ‘Settings’ section.

Tradie Candidates who have applied for any position on the Site should be aware that the Employer Advertiser to whom their application is sent may also be holding their Personal Information and should you wish to access that information this should be requested directly from those Employer Advertisers.

9. Data retention

We retain information you provide to us and which we collect about you, including Personal Information, for so long as we continue to provide services to you and specifically until such time as you request us to delete your Personal Information.

10. Data transfers

Whilst TJNZ business operations are based in New Zealand we sometimes transfer or disclose information to third party contractors and service providers who may have business operations outside New Zealand and Australia including in the United States of America, Ireland and India. These transfers are made in order to assist us to provide you with the products and services, and/or to improve the products and services we offer you. Where we transfer information to persons outside of New Zealand that information will be treated according to similar (but not lesser) standards imposed by the requirements of the Privacy Act (and where appropriate the GDPR) in relation to that information by TJNZ’s entry into binding contractual arrangements with such third parties.

11. Feedback and complaints about privacy and the TJNZ Site

TJNZ welcomes ideas and feedback about all aspects of the Site. TJNZ stores feedback that users send to us. This feedback may be used to administer and refine the service we provide and may be shared with TJNZ partners either in aggregate form or with specific identifying characteristics removed.

If you have any complaints about our dealings with your Personal Information including any breaches by us of any privacy laws or any questions regarding this policy you are able to submit that complaint or query by contacting us at or by telephone or post using the methods detailed in the “Contact Us” paragraph below.

Any complaints received by us will be referred to our compliance team for prompt investigation and a written response will be provided to you as soon as possible.

12. Privacy & site changes

From time to time, TJNZ may review and update its Privacy Policy. Revised versions will be made available on the Site.

13. Contact us

If you have any feedback or questions about this policy, the practices of this Site, or your dealings with TJNZ, you can contact us in the following ways:


14. More information about privacy

For more information about privacy issues in New Zealand and protecting your privacy, visit the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner’s website