Trade Jobs NZ has been developed to specifically assist employers to address the very real skill shortage now being faced in finding trade qualified staff in New Zealand. We are disrupting the traditional way people find and apply for jobs by pioneering a platform and process that takes your jobs to the prospective employee rather than them having to actively search.

Everything you need to find your team, fast.

Step 1:

Register as an employer and you immediately have access to your new portal and applicant tracking system. Choose to create and advertise your job with a 7 day basic, or a standard or featured 30, 60 or 90 day listing. Bulk buy listings available too.

Step 2:

Boost your job ad from our wide range of dynamic advertising add ons at affordable prices. Our wide reach across radio, media and digital advertising partners means we can position your job ad where your target audience is.

Step 3:

Add an employer page (required for digital advertising) or buy a 6 or 12 month subscription for further discounts and credits. Contact us for a individualised campaign designed for you by our internal team of brand and advertising experts.

Why choose us?

Don't wait for tradies to come to you, go to them. Join the employers benefiting from our industry specific job site! We have a huge advertising and marketing focus in encouraging trade specific candidates to create their Tradie Profile, and apply for jobs with one click of a button. With 10,000 tradies coming to our site every month we encourage you to join the community of companies we promote as the place the best tradies go to work.

Job Ad ListingsFrom 7-90 days
Advertising Add OnsFrom $199
Employer Page$49 per month
Bulk Buy PackagesGet in touch for quote

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We aren’t just a faceless platform for you to promote your job. We are people-driven, family- focused, and fully engaged with our partners and community.

- Colleen Getley, Founder and Director of Trade Jobs NZ

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