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Auckland City
Construction & Building

Remarkable is a group of companies with strong beliefs ‘on who we are and why we are here’. We believe in partnership and collective success. We believe in construction and knowing our trade. We believe in maintaining and showing long term value to customers. Moreover, we believe strongly in delivering on our commitments. Remarkable started in 2014, around a table, talking about how we saw the world and where others fell short. We started modestly with three team members and just the intent to do a better job than others. Over the years we have been better by learning from our partners and our mistakes. We work across four trades New Zealand wide and employee over fifty direct staff. We also can cater for the largest projects with our Health & Safety accredited contracting network. Remarkable is committed to the highest standards of Health and Safety - we hold a 5-star rating by IMPAC Prequal and Site-wise Green. We believe there to be a strong positive correlation between site productivity and ensuring a structured and safe workplace.

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